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Novel Methods for Laboratory Measurement of Transverse Dispersion in Porous Media
Grant Number R828772C013
RFA: Hazardous Substance Research Centers - HSRC (2001)
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Journal Article Luo J, Kitanidis PK. Fluid residence times within a recirculation zone created by an extraction-injection well pair. Journal of Hydrology 2004;295(1-4):149-162. R828772 (2003)
R828772 (2004)
R828772 (Final)
R828772C013 (2005)
Journal Article Luo J, Cirpka OA, Kitanidis PK. Temporal-moment matching for truncated breakthrough curves for step or step-pulse injection. Advances in Water Resources 2006;29(9):1306-1313. R828772 (Final)
R828772C013 (2005)