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Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Lake and Reservoir Strategy for Nebraska as a Model for Agriculturally Dominated Ecosystems
Grant Number R828635
RFA: Development of National Aquatic Ecosystem Classifications and Reference Conditions (2000)
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Journal Article Bulley HNN, Merchant JW, Marx DB, Holz JC, Holz AA. A GIS-based approach to watershed classification for Nebraska reservoirs. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 2007;43(3):605-621. R828635 (2002)
Journal Article Bulley HNN, Marx DB, Merchant JW, Holz JC, Derksen CP. A comparison of Nebraska reservoir classes estimated from watershed-based classification models and ecoregions. Journal of Environmental Informatics 2008;11(2) 90-102. R828635 (2002)