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Beyond MTBE: Evaluating the Future Threats to Drinking Water Supplies from Chemicals in Our Gasoline
Grant Number R829023
RFA: Exploratory Research to Anticipate Future Environmental Issues (2000)
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Journal Article Arey JS, Gschwend PM. Estimating partition coefficients for fuel-water systems: developing linear solvation energy relationships using linear solvent strength theory to handle mixtures. Environmental Science & Technology 2005;39(8):2702-2710. R829023 (2003)
Journal Article Arey JS, Gschwend PM. A physical-chemical screening model for anticipating widespread contamination of community water supply wells by gasoline constituents. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 2005;76(1-2):109-138. R829023 (2002)
R829023 (2003)
Journal Article Kawamoto K, Arey JS, Gschwend PM. Emission and fate assessment of methyl tertiary butyl ether in the Boston area airshed using a simple multimedia box model: comparison with urban air measurements. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2003;53(12):1426-1435. R829023 (2002)