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Development and Assessment of Environmental Indicators Based on Birds and Amphibians in the Great Lakes Basin
Grant Number R828675C004
RFA: Environmental Indicators in the Estuarine Environment Research Program (2000)
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Journal Article Hanowski J, Danz N, Howe R, Niemi G, Regal R. Consideration of geography and wetland geomorphic type in the development of Great Lakes coastal wetland bird indicators. EcoHealth 2007;4(2):194-205. R828675 (Final)
R828675C004 (2004)
Journal Article Price SJ, Marks DR, Howe RW, Hanowski J, Niemi GJ. The importance of spatial scale for conservation and assessment of anuran populations in coastal wetlands of the western Great Lakes. Landscape Ecology 2005;20(4):441-454. R828675 (Final)
R828675C004 (2003)
R828675C004 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Wolter PT, Johnston CA, Niemi GJ. Mapping submerged aquatic vegetation in the U.S. Great Lakes using Quickbird satellite data. International Journal of Remote Sensing 2005;26(23):5255-5274. R828675C004 (Final)
not available