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Light Induced Mercury Volatilization from Substrate Mechanism(s) Responsible and In situ Occurrence
Grant Number R825249
RFA: Exploratory Research - Air Chemistry & Physics (1996)
Journal Article (3)
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Journal Article Gerlach RW, Gustin MS, Van Emon JM. On-site mercury analysis of soil at hazardous waste sites by immunoassay and ASV. Applied Geochemistry 2001;16(3):281-290. R825249 (Final)
Journal Article Gustin MS, Rasmussen P, Edwards G, Schroeder W, Kemp J. Application of a laboratory gas exchange chamber for assessment of in situ mercury emissions. Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres 1999;104(D17):21,873-21,878. R825249 (1999)
R825249 (Final)
Journal Article Gustin MS. On the mechanism controlling the light enhancement of mercury emissions from substrate. Science of the Total Environment. R825249 (1999)
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