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Uptake of Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Sediments
Grant Number R825513C023
RFA: Hazardous Substance Research Centers - HSRC (1989)
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Journal Article Chen J, Yiacoumi S, Blayeds TG. Equilibrium and kinetic studies of copper adsorption by activated carbon. Separations Technology 1996;6(2):133-146. R825513C023 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Chen W, Lakshmanan K, Kan AT, Tomson MB. A program for evaluating dual-equilibrium desorption effects on remediation. Ground Water 2004;42(4):620-624. R825513C023 (Final)
R825513C024 (Final)
R828773 (2004)
R828773 (Final)
R828773C004 (2004)
R831718 (2005)
R831718 (Final)
Journal Article Subramaniam K, Yiacoumi S, Tsouris C. Effect of copper and cadmium binding on the flocculation of ferric oxide particles. Separation Science and Technology 1999;34(6-7):1301-1318. R825513C023 (Final)
not available