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Pollutant Fluxes to Aquatic Systems via Coupled Biological and Physicochemical Bed-Sediment Processes
Grant Number R825513C011
RFA: Hazardous Substance Research Centers - HSRC (1989)
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Journal Article Mohanty S, Reible DD, Valsaraj KT, Thibodeaux LJ. A physical model for the simulation of bioturbation and its comparison to experiments with oligochaetes. Estuaries 1998;21(2):255-262. R825513C011 (Final)
Journal Article Peters GM, Maher WA, Krikowa F, Roach AC, Jeswani HK, Barford JP, Gomes VG, Reible DD. Selenium in sediments, pore waters and benthic infauna of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia. Marine Environmental Research 1999;47(5):491-508. R825513C011 (Final)
Journal Article Reible DD, Popov V, Valsaraj KT, Thibodeaux LJ, Lin F, Dikshit M, Todaro MA, Fleeger JW. Contaminant fluxes from sediment due to tubificid oligochaete bioturbation. Water Research 1996;30(3):704-714. R825513C011 (Final)
Journal Article Thibodeaux LJ, Valsaraj KT, Reible DD. Bioturbation-driven transport of hydrophobic organic contaminants from bed sediment. Environmental Engineering Science 2001;18(4):215-223. R825513C011 (Final)
R828773 (2004)
R828773 (Final)
R828773C001 (2002)
R828773C001 (2003)
R828773C001 (2004)