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Remote Sensing of NO and NO2 Emissions from Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks Using Tunable Diode Lasers
Grant Number R824794
RFA: Air Pollutants (1995)
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Journal Article Jimenez JL, McManus JB, Shorter JH, Nelson DD, Zahniser MS, Koplow M, McRae GJ, Kolb CE. Cross road and mobile tunable infrared laser measurements of nitrous oxide emissions from motor vehicles. Chemosphere-Global Change Science 2000;2(3-4):397-412. R824794 (Final)
Journal Article Jimenez JL, Mcrae GJ, Nelson DD, Zahniser MS, Kolb CE. Remote sensing of NO and NO2 emissions from heavy-duty diesel trucks using tunable diode lasers. Environmental Science & Technology 2000; 34(12):2380-2387. R824794 (Final)