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The Choptank River: A Mid-Chesapeake Bay Index Site for Evaluating Ecosystems Responses to Nutrient Management
Grant Number R826941
RFA: Ecological Effects of Environmental Stressors Using Coastal Intensive Sites (1998)
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Journal Article Glenn SM, Dickey TD, Parker B, Boicourt W. Long-term real-time coastal ocean observation networks. Oceanography 2000;13(1):24-34. R826941 (Final)
Journal Article Glenn SM, Boicourt W, Parker B, Dickey TD. Operational observation networks for ports, a large estuary, and an open shelf. Oceanography 2000;13(1):12-23. R826941 (Final)
Journal Article Harding Jr. LW, Mallonee ME, Perry ES. Toward a predictive understanding of primary productivity in a temperate, partially stratified estuary. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 2002;55(3):437-463. R826941 (Final)
R828677 (2001)
R828677 (Final)
R828677C002 (2002)
R828677C002 (Final)