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Dissolved Humic Substances in Enhanced Dissolution of DNAPLs
Grant Number R826650
RFA: Exploratory Research - Environmental Chemistry (1998)
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Journal Article Bao G, John WW, Johnson WP. Chromatographic alteration of a nonionic surfactant mixture during transport in dense nonaqueous phase liquid contaminated sediment. Environmental Science & Technology 2000;34(4):680-685. R826650 (2000)
R826650 (Final)
Journal Article John WW, Bao G, Johnson WP, Stauffer TB. Sorption of nonionic surfactant oligomers to sediment and PCE DNAPL: effects on PCE distribution between water and sediment. Environmental Science & Technology 2000;34(4):672-679. R826650 (2000)
R826650 (Final)
Journal Article Johnson WP, Bao G, John WW. Specific UV absorbance of Aldrich humic acid: changes during transport in aquifer sediment. Environmental Science & Technology 2002;36(4):608-616. R826650 (2000)
R826650 (Final)