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Methods for Increasing Biodiversity in Tallgrass Prairie Reconstructions
Grant Number R825796
RFA: Ecosystem Restoration (1997)
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Journal Article Jeltsch, F, Moloney K. Spatially explicit vegetation models: what have we learned? In: Esser K, Luttge U, Beyschlag W, Hellwig F, eds. Progress in Botany. Berlin, Germany: Springer, 2002, pp. 326-343. R825796 (Final)
not available
Journal Article Jurik TW, Kliebenstein H. Canopy architecture, light extinction and self-shading of a prairie grass, Andropogon gerardii. The American Midland Naturalist 2000;144(1):51-65. R825796 (1999)
R825796 (2000)
R825796 (Final)
Journal Article Klaas BA, Moloney KA, Danielson BJ. The tempo and mode of gopher mound production in a tallgrass prairie remnant. Ecography 2000;23(2):246-256 R825796 (Final)
Journal Article Wolfe-Bellin KS, Moloney KA. The effect of gopher mounds and fire on the spatial distribution and demography of a short-lived legume in tallgrass prairie. Canadian Journal of Botany 2000;78(10):1299-1308. R825796 (Final)