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Ion-Induced Nucleation of Atmospheric Aerosols
Grant Number R829620
RFA: Exploratory Research: Nanotechnology (2001)
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Journal Article Eisele FL, Lovejoy ER, Kosciuch E, Moore KF, Mauldin RL, Smith JN, McMurry PH, Iida K. Negative atmospheric ions and their potential role in ion-induced nucleation. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres 2006;111(D4):Art. No. D04305. R829620 (Final)
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Kulmala M, Vehkamäki H, Petäjä T, dal Maso M, Lauri A, Kerminen V-M, Birmili W, McMurry PH. Formation and growth rates of ultrafine atmospheric particles: a review of observations. Journal of Aerosol Science 2004;35(2):143-176.

R829620 (2002)
R829620 (2003)
R829620 (Final)
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