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Application of Remotely-sensed Data To Regional Analysis and Assessment of Stream Temperature in the Pacific Northwest
Grant Number R827675
RFA: Regional Scale Analysis and Assessment (1999)
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Journal Article Cherkauer KA, Burges SJ, Handcock RN, Kay JE, Kampf SK, Gillespie AR. Assessing satellite-based and aircraft-based thermal infrared remote sensing for monitoring Pacific Northwest river temperature. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 2005;41(5):1149-1159. R827675 (Final)
Journal Article Handcock RN, Gillespie AR, Cherkauer KA, Kay JE, Burges SJ, Kampf SK. Accuracy and uncertainty of thermal-infrared remote sensing of stream temperatures at multiple spatial scales. Remote Sensing of Environment 2006;100(4):427-440. R827675 (Final)