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Test-Bed Evaluation of In-Situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Aliphatic Compounds by Toluene Oxygenase Microorganisms
Grant Number R825689C050
RFA: Hazardous Substance Research Centers - HSRC (1989)
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Journal Article Hopkins GD, McCarty PL. Field evaluation of in situ aerobic cometabolism of trichloroethylene and three dichloroethylene isomers using phenol and toluene as the primary substrates. Environmental Science & Technology 1995;29(6):1628-1637. R825689C050 (Final)
R825689C066 (Final)
Journal Article McCarty PL, Roberts PV. Proceedings of the International-Symposium on Processes Governing the Movement and Fate of Contaminants in the Subsurface Environment, held at Stanford-University, California, USA, 23-26 July 1989-Preface. Water Science and Technology 1990;22(6):R7. R825689C050 (Final)