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Valuation of Risks to Human Health Insensitivity to Magnitude?
Grant Number R825312
RFA: Decision-Making and Valuation for Environmental Policy (1996)
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Journal Article Corso PS, Hammitt JK, Graham JD. Valuing mortality-risk reduction: using visual aids to improve the validity of contingent valuation. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 2001;23(2):165-184. R825312 (1999)
R825312 (Final)
Journal Article Hammitt JK, Graham JD. Willingness to pay for health protection: inadequate sensitivity to probability? Journal Risk and Uncertainty 1999;18(1):33-62. R825312 (1999)
R825312 (Final)
Journal Article Hammitt JK, Liu J-T, Lin W-C. Sensitivity of willingness to pay to the magnitude of risk reduction:a Taiwan-United States comparison. Journal of Risk Research 2000;3(4):305-320. R825312 (1999)
R825312 (Final)