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Mechanisms of Ozone Toxicity to the Lung
Grant Number R825702C014
RFA: Environmental Lung Disease Center (National Jewish Medical and Research Center) (1998)
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Journal Article Ahmad S, Ahmad A, McConville G, Schneider BK, Allen CB, Manzer R, Mason RJ, White CW. Lung epithelial cells release ATP during ozone exposure: signaling for cell survival. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 2005;39(2):213-226. R825702 (Final)
R825702C014 (Final)
Journal Article Pulfer MK, Taube C, Gelfand E, Murphy RC. Ozone exposure in vivo and formation of biologically active oxysterols in the lung. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 2005;312(1):256-264. R825702 (Final)
R825702C014 (Final)
Journal Article Uhlson C, Harrison K, Allen CB, Ahmad S, White CW, Murphy RC. Oxidized phospholipids derived from ozone-treated lung surfactant extract reduce macrophage and epithelial cell viability. Chemical Research in Toxicology 2002;15(7):896-906. R825702 (Final)
R825702C014 (Final)