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Impact of Residual Pharmaceutical Agents and their Metabolites in Wastewater Effluents on Downstream Drinking Water Treatment Facilities
Grant Number R829014
RFA: Drinking Water (2000)
Journal Article (3)
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Journal Article Pereira VJ, Linden KG, Weinberg HS. Evaluation of UV irradiation for photolytic and oxidative degradation of pharmaceutical compounds in water. Water Research 2007;41(19):4413-4423. R829014 (Final)
Journal Article Pereira VJ, Weinberg HS, Linden KG, Singer PC. UV degradation kinetics and modeling of pharmaceutical compounds in laboratory grade and surface water via direct and indirect photolysis at 254 nm. Environmental Science & Technology 2007;41(5):1682-1688. R829014 (Final)
Journal Article Ye Z, Weinberg HS, Meyer MT. Trace analysis of trimethoprim and sulfonamide, macrolide, quinolone, and tetracycline antibiotics in chlorinated drinking water using liquid chromatography electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry 2007;79(3):1135-1144. R829014 (Final)