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Project 3: Causal Estimates of Effects of Regional and National Pollution Mixtures on Health: Providing Tools for Policy Makers
Grant Number R835872C003
RFA: Air, Climate And Energy (ACE) Centers: Science Supporting Solutions (2014)
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Journal Article Schwartz J, Bind MA, Koutrakis P. (2017) Estimating causal effects of local air pollution on daily deaths:effect of low levels. Environ Health Perspect 125:23–29; R835872C003 (2016)
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Journal Article Di Q, Rowland S, Koutrakis P, Schwartz J. (2017) A hybrid model for spatially and temporally resolved ozone exposures in the continental United States. J Air and Waste Management Association, 67.1:39-52. R835872C003 (2016)
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Journal Article Wang, Y., Shi, L.H., Lee, M., Liu, P.F., Di, Q., Zanobetti, A., and Schwartz, J. (2017). Long-term Exposure to PM2.5 and Mortality Among Older Adults in the Southeastern US. Epidemiology 28, 207-214. R835872C003 (2016)
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