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Texas Joint Center for Air Quality

Grant Number X832317

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Journal Article Feldman MS, Howard T, McDonald-Buller E, Mullins G, Allen DT, Webb A, Kimura Y. Applications of satellite remote sensing data for estimating dry deposition in eastern Texas. Atmospheric Environment 2007;41(35):7562-7576. X832317 (Final)
Journal Article Simon H, Allen DT, Wittig AE. Fine particulate matter emissions inventories: comparisons of emissions estimates with observations from recent field programs. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2008;58(2):320-343. X832317 (Final)
Journal Article Webster M, Nam J, Kimura Y, Jeffries H, Vizuete W, Allen DT. The effect of variability in industrial emissions on ozone formation in Houston, Texas. Atmospheric Environment 2007;41(40):9580-9593. X832317 (Final)