Contact Information
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Name: Philip C. Singer
Location:University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Phone:(919) 966-3865
Street Address:144 Rosenau
City:Chapel Hill
Zip Code:27599

Associated Project Details for: Philip C. Singer
R825952 Development of a New, Simple, Innovative Procedure for the Analysis of Bromate and Other Oxy-Halides at Sub-ppb Levels in Drinking Water Grant September 1, 1997 through August 31, 1999
R829014 Impact of Residual Pharmaceutical Agents and their Metabolites in Wastewater Effluents on Downstream Drinking Water Treatment Facilities Grant August 27, 2001 through August 26, 2004
R831629 Drinking Water Quality and Emergency Visits for Gastroenteritis in Atlanta Grant September 1, 2004 through August 31, 2007
SU836019 Characterisation of Ionised and Zero-Valent Metals as Disinfectants for Microbiologically Contaminated Water in Resource-Poor Settings Grant August 15, 2011 through August 14, 2012