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Name: John F. Valentine
Location:University of South Alabama
Street Address:University of South Alabama
Zip Code:36688

Associated Project Details for: John F. Valentine
R826098 Effects of Nutrient Enrichment and Large Predator Removal on Seagrass Nursery Habitats: An Experimental Assessment Grant January 1, 1998 through December 31, 1999
R827072C009 Fisheries-induced changes in the structure and function of shallow water "nursery habitats": an experimental assessment Centers October 1, 1999 through September 30, 2000
R827072C028 Predicting Seagrass Survival in Nutrient Enriched Waters: Toward a New View of an Existing Paradigm Centers April 1, 2002 through March 31, 2005
Principal Investigator:
R827072C007 Benthic Study Component Centers October 1, 1999 through September 30, 2000
R827072C035 The Influence of Shallow Water Hydrodynamics on the Importance of Seagrass Detritus in Estuarine Food Webs Centers July 1, 2001 through May 31, 2002
R827072C036 Food Web Interactions, Spatial Subsidies and the Flow of Energy Between the Mobile Bay Delta and Offshore Waters: A SGER Proposal to the Alabama Center for Estuarine Studies Centers April 1, 2001 through March 31, 2003