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Name: Carol A. Johnston
Location:Natural Resources Research Institute (Center for Water and the Environment)
Phone:(218) 720-4269
Street Address:5013 Miller Trunk Hwy
Zip Code:55811

Associated Project Details for: Carol A. Johnston
R828675 Development of Environmental Indicators of Condition,Integrity, and Sustainability in the Coastal Regions of the US Great Lakes Basin Centers January 11, 2001 through January 31, 2005
R829643 Interactive Effects of Climate Change, Wetlands, and Dissolved Organic Matter on UV Damage to Aquatic Foodwebs Grant June 24, 2002 through June 23, 2005
Principal Investigator:
R828675C002 Vegetative Indicators of Condition, Integrity, and Sustainability of Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Centers January 10, 2001 through January 9, 2005