Contact Information
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Name: Stephen C. Whalen
Location:University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Phone:(919) 966-9895
Street Address:7400 Rosenau
City:Chapel Hill
Zip Code:20199

Associated Project Details for: Stephen C. Whalen
R830652 Attenuation of Non-Point Source Nitrogen Pollution in a Coastal Watershed: Implications for Nutrient Management Grant January 20, 2003 through January 19, 2006
Principal Investigator:
R827955 An Object-Oriented Model for Nitrogenous Pollutants from Swine Waste Land Application Grant March 20, 2000 through March 19, 2003
R831451 Reduced Atmospheric Methane Consumption By Temperate Forest Soils Under Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Grant January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2008