The Chemical Kinetics and Mechanisms of Hydrocarbons Contributing to Ozone Production in the Atmosphere

EPA Grant Number: R825258
Title: The Chemical Kinetics and Mechanisms of Hydrocarbons Contributing to Ozone Production in the Atmosphere
Investigators: Demerjian, Kenneth L. , Anderson, James G.
Institution: The State University of New York , Harvard University
EPA Project Officer: Hahn, Intaek
Project Period: November 25, 1996 through November 24, 1999
Project Amount: $534,939
RFA: Air Quality (1996) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Air Quality and Air Toxics , Air


The purpose of this project is to perform a series of laboratory kinetic/mechanistic studies of hydrocarbon oxidation using a enhanced high pressure flow system. The studies will include chemical kinetic rate constant determinations and detailed mechanistic analyses of the (1) the OH - isoprene and (2) OH - -, -pinene systems using the Reaction Modulation Spectroscopy (RMS) analytical approach; and (3) mechanistic studies and the direct measurement of OH formation in ozone - alkene reaction systems. These studies will be performed over a broad range of temperatures (250-350 K) and pressures (10-600 torr). Analytical systems to be utilized on the high pressure flow apparatus include: OH detection by laser induced fluorescence (LIF), uv absorption spectroscopy, low resolution (0.25 cm-1) multipass (White cell) FTIR spectroscopy and high resolution (~ 2.0x10-3 cm-1) multipass (Herriot cell) FTIR spectroscopy, and a resonance fluorescence axis.

The reaction systems specified consider biogenic and anthropogenic organic species commonly found in the atmosphere. These chemical species are viewed as important contributors to ozone formation and critical to establishing quantitative relationships for how, when and where the atmospheric chemical environment is VOC or NOx limited with regard to ozone production. The kinetic studies as described herein have been specifically identified as priority scientific issues under the North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone (NARSTO).

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RFA, Scientific Discipline, Air, tropospheric ozone, Atmospheric Sciences, rate constant determinations, high pressure flow system, fate and transport, ozone occurrence, Reaction Modulation Spectroscopy, spectroscopic studies, ambient air, ozone formation, hydrocarbon oxidation, chemical kinetics, atmosphere

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