2015 Progress Report: Development of Cost-effective, Compact Electrical Ultrafine Particle (eUFP) Sizers and Wireless eUFP Sensor Network

EPA Grant Number: R835132
Title: Development of Cost-effective, Compact Electrical Ultrafine Particle (eUFP) Sizers and Wireless eUFP Sensor Network
Investigators: Chen, Da-Ren , Lu, Chenyang
Institution: Washington University
Current Institution: Washington University , Virginia Commonwealth University
EPA Project Officer: Chung, Serena
Project Period: September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2015 (Extended to August 31, 2016)
Project Period Covered by this Report: September 1, 2014 through August 31,2015
Project Amount: $499,130
RFA: Developing the Next Generation of Air Quality Measurement Technology (2011) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Air Quality and Air Toxics , Air


Specific objectives of this research project are (i) to develop a cost-effective, portable electrical ultrafine particle (eUFP) sizer, enabling the spatial and temporal monitoring of UFP size distribution in the ambient; (ii) to develop a cost-effective, pocket eUFP sizer for measuring the UFP exposure at the personal level; (iii) to develop a wireless mesh network using proposed portable sizers as the nodes, enabling the monitoring of the working status of deployed sizers and to acquire data being collected via internet; and (iv) to evaluate and validate proposed technologies in planned field testing. 

Progress Summary:

Based on the experimental data on prototype mini-plate aerosol charger and mini-plate DMA, the final design of these two key components of mini-eUFP sizer were determined. Detail experiments have been carried out to evaluate the performance of final mini-plate DMAs. The calibration results show its satisfactory performance for particle classification. The first mini-eUFP sizer has been tested in the laboratory setting with TSI-SMPS as the reference. With the developed data inversion scheme, the mini-eUFP sizer is able to provide reasonable size distribution measurement for ultrafine particles. The wireless data transmission function of mini-eUFPS sizers also has been tested. Two new mini-eUFP sizers in the final design are being assembled for field testing. To further reduce the size of mini-eUFP sizer while keeping the satisfactory sizing performance, a novel curved particle electrical classifier was recently invented. 

Future Activities:

  1. Calibration of mini-eUFP sizers
  2. Assembly of two mini-eUFP sizers
  3. Testing of wireless sensor network function of mini-eUFP sizers
  4. Development of mini-eUFP sizers with curved particle electrical mobility classifier

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Journal Article Liu D, Hsiao T-C, Chen D-R. Performance study of a miniature quadru-inlet cyclone. Journal of Aerosol Science 2015;90:161-168. R835132 (2015)
R835132 (Final)
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  • Journal Article Liu Q, Chen D-R. Experimental evaluation of miniature plate DMAs (mini-plate DMAs) for future ultrafine particle (UFP) sensor network. Aerosol Science and Technology 2016;50(3):297-307. R835132 (2015)
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  • Supplemental Keywords:

    mini-plate; differential mobility classifier (DMC); aerosol charger; mini-eUFP sizer;

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