Center of Excellence: Environmental Health Disparities Core

EPA Grant Number: NIMHD005
Title: Center of Excellence: Environmental Health Disparities Core
Investigators: Eriksen, Michael , Steward, John A. , Hemphill-Fuller, Christina , Stauber, Christine , Dai, Dajun , DeoCampo, Daniel , Hankins, Katherine , Casanova, Lisa
Institution: Georgia State University
EPA Project Officer: Hahn, Intaek
Project Period: August 1, 2011 through July 31, 2014
Project Amount: $472,252
RFA: Transdisciplinary Networks of Excellence on the Environment and Health Disparities (2012) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Environmental Justice , Human Health


Georgia State University’s Institute of Public Health requests a revision to its P-20 National Institute of Health, Exploratory Center of Excellence to add an Environmental Health  core. The environmental health core will  build capacity for multidisciplinary study of unique urban environmental health disparities. The focus of the Center  of Excellence is an understanding of the syndemic burden on populations experiencing health disparities in urban Atlanta; the environmental health core will integrate environmental health disparities and environmental injustices into our understanding of the syndemic burden. The environmental health core has the following objectives:

  1. Develop a coalition of organizations, agencies and institutions focused on environmental health, environmental justice, and disparities in the Atlanta area.
  2. Work within the Center of Excellence to build capacity to evaluate and mitigate environmental health risks specific to urban natural, physical, and built environments.
  3. Develop two pilot projects that include an examination of environmental exposures into current Center pilot projects with the aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of syndemic effects and burdens.
  4. Strengthen and expand research and mitigation activities focused on the environmental health priorities of our community partners.

Expected Results:

The environmental health core will build on the existing Institute of Public Health and Department of Geosciences partnership in urban environmental health, which will serve as a springboard for interdisciplinary research. A particular focus on the areas of air and water pollution will build on existing expertise and resources. At the end of the initial environmental health core project period, we foresee the following measurable results:

  • Successfully complete pilot investigations of methods for measuring neighborhood air pollution, and noise levels in neighborhoods in conjunction with current research projects
  • Have in place a coalition of academic institutions, government agencies, and community organizations and a research agenda for Atlanta environmental health disparities
  • Development of new funding proposals in areas that deal with environmental health, environmental justice and health disparities
  • Develop a community-based participatory research proposal that is directed to specific environmental health disparities of concern to Atlanta neighborhood residents.
  • Increase the active participants in the coalition to advocate for support of environmental health disparities projects and to serve as a resource for community groups seeking to address environmental hazards and disparities in their neighborhoods.

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Supplemental Keywords:

environmental health, health disparities, urban health, environmental justice

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