Center for Environmental and Energy Research (CEER)

EPA Grant Number: X832541
Center: Center for Environmental and Energy Research (CEER)
Center Director: Earl, David A.
Title: Center for Environmental and Energy Research (CEER)
Investigators: Vascott, Terese , Earl, David A. , Varner, James R.
Current Investigators: Shelby, James
Institution: Alfred University
EPA Project Officer: Lasat, Mitch
Project Period: September 1, 2006 through August 31, 2008
RFA: Targeted Research Center (2006) Recipients Lists
Research Category: Hazardous Waste/Remediation , Targeted Research


The output of highly pure semiconductor silicon for integrated circuits and memories is increasing year by year. During wafer production process, about 60% (2,400 tons) of silicon, ingot after trimming, is scrapped with the waste water disposal from cutting and polishing. The recycling to highly pure silicon is very costly. If the silicon sludge can be converted to nitride-based structural ceramics (SiAlON), it is helpful for semiconductor industry and ecological problems.

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Journal Article DeRosa RL, Cardinale JA, Cooper A. Functionalized glass substrate for microarray analysis. Thin Solid Films 2007;515(7-8):4024-4031. X832541C001 (Final)
R830420 (Final)
R830420C004 (Final)
  • Abstract: Science Direct Abstract
  • Journal Article DeRosa R, Gaustad G, Telfeyan E, Mayes JS. Microscopical evaluation of recycled glass-reinforced polymer matrix composites. Microscopy and Analysis 2004;18(5):9-11. X832541 (2007)
    X832541 (Final)
    R828737C008 (Final)
    R830420 (Final)
  • Abstract: Microscopy and Analysis
  • Supplemental Keywords:

    self propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS Reaction), SiALON, recycling, wastes,

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  • 2007 Progress Report
  • Final Report
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    X832541C001 Microarray System for Contaminated Water Analysis
    X832541C003 The Fining Behavior of Selectively Batched Commercial Glasses
    X832541C004 The Use of Fly Ash in the Production of SiAlON based Structural Ceramics
    X832541C005 Separation and Purification of Hydrogen From Mixed Gas Streams Using Hollow Glass Microspheres
    X832541C006 Magnesium Rich Coatings for Corrosion Control of Reactive Metal Alloys
    X832541C008 Tunneled Titanate Photocatalysts for Environmental Remediation and Hydrogen Generation
    X832541C009 Material and Environmental Sustainability in Ceramic Processing
    X832541C010 Robust, Spectrally Selective Ceramic Coatings for Recycled Solar Power Tubes
    X832541C011 Recycling of Silicon-Wafers Production Wastes to SiAlON Based Ceramics with Improved Mechanical Properties
    X832541C012 Emissions Reduction of Commercial Glassmaking Using Selective Batching