Corporate Responses to Information Disclosure: A Comparison of Public and Private Programs

EPA Grant Number: R832846
Title: Corporate Responses to Information Disclosure: A Comparison of Public and Private Programs
Investigators: Lenox, Michael , King, Andrew A. , Bennear, Lori Snyder
Institution: Duke University , Dartmouth College
EPA Project Officer: Hahn, Intaek
Project Period: May 1, 2006 through April 30, 2009
Project Amount: $284,724
RFA: Environmental Behavior and Decisionmaking: Determining the Effectiveness of Environmental Information Disclosure and Provision (2005) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Environmental Justice


In this project, we will examine the efficacy of both the Environmental Protection Agency's Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and the private Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


The primary objective of the proposed study is to assess the potential for public and private information disclosure programs to lead to improved environmental performance at both the facility and firm levels.


We propose to construct a panel of U.S. manufacturing facilities and firms over the period 1987-2003 and to utilize difference in difference estimators to discern whether the reporting under these program lead to subsequent reductions in toxic releases. In the case of the TRI, we will leverage changes in reporting over the history of the program to generate comparative samples. In the case of the GRI, we will look to identify instruments and adopt two-stage models to help address concerns with selection.

Expected Results:

We expect to reveal not only whether these programs lead to reductions in releases on average, but also to identify the conditions under which these programs are more or less effective. Our hope is that, through a comparative analysis of public and private information disclosure programs, we may identify complementarities between both approaches that will lead to novel and nuanced public policies with respect to information disclosure.

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Supplemental Keywords:

public policy, analytical, information disclosure, corporate strategy,, Economic, Social, & Behavioral Science Research Program, Scientific Discipline, Corporate Performance, Economics and Business, Social Science, policy making, toxic release inventory, impact of federal policy instruments, TRI, public reporting, environmental compliance determinants, right-to-know programs, Globall Release Inventory, environmental behavior

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