Aluminum Toxicokinetics Oral Absorption from Drinking Water and Brain Retention

EPA Grant Number: R825357
Title: Aluminum Toxicokinetics Oral Absorption from Drinking Water and Brain Retention
Investigators: Yokel, Robert A. , McNamara, Patrick J. , Elmore, David
Institution: University of Kentucky , Purdue University
EPA Project Officer: Klieforth, Barbara I
Project Period: November 25, 1996 through November 24, 1999
Project Amount: $346,543
RFA: Exploratory Research - Human Health (1996) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Human Health


The overall objective is to test the hypothesis that drinking water can significantly contribute to brain Al accumulation. Studies will address three specific aims to determine: 1) the oral bioavailability of Al from drinking water and the influence of water hardness and food in the stomach; 2) the fraction of Al in systemic circulation that enters the brain; and 3) the presence, and rate, of brain Al elimination. These studies will be conducted in the rat using the isotopic tracer 26Al, which will be quantitated by accelerator mass spectrometry. The results will be extrapolated to the human. It is predicted that they will show that insufficient Al would accumulate in the human brain over the life span to significantly contribute to brain Al concentration as a result of consuming Al in drinking water.

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