Total Organophosphours (Op) Pesticide Exposure Among Children in Urban and Rural Environments

EPA Grant Number: R825171
Title: Total Organophosphours (Op) Pesticide Exposure Among Children in Urban and Rural Environments
Investigators: Fenske, Richard
Current Investigators: Fenske, Richard , Lu, Chensheng (Alex)
Institution: University of Washington
Current Institution: University of Washington - Seattle
EPA Project Officer: Klieforth, Barbara I
Project Period: September 25, 1996 through September 24, 1999 (Extended to September 30, 2000)
Project Amount: $600,145
RFA: Exposure of Children to Pesticides (1996) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Pesticides , Children's Health , Health Effects , Human Health , Health , Safer Chemicals


This study has two primary objectives: 1) characterization of geographic, temporal, age-related, and gender-related variability in total OP pesticide exposure in children; and 2) determination of the relative contributions of environmental sources to total OP pesticide body burden in children. The extensive environmental and biological sampling proposed in this study will allow further refinement in field study protocols, sampling strategies, analytical techniques, and data interpretation for investigations of this kind. Work under the first objective of this study is likely to provide useful information on variability of children's exposure to OP pesticides. The multi-pathway study design proposed as the second objective should allow attribution of exposure to specific sources for homes in which significant exposures are occurring. The longitudinal biomonitoring study will enroll families from the Chelan/Douglas County region of eastern Washington State and from the King/Snohomish County region of western Washington State, and is designed to extend for a full calendar year. The cross-sectional total exposure study will involve collection of samples to account for all exposure pathways (diet, air, dermal, housedust), as well as biological monitoring.

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RFA, Health, Scientific Discipline, Air, Toxics, air toxics, pesticides, Risk Assessments, Susceptibility/Sensitive Population/Genetic Susceptibility, Biochemistry, Children's Health, genetic susceptability, monitoring, pesticide exposure, rural communities, sensitive populations, urban air, organophosphates, multi-pathway study, age-related differences, dermal contact, exposure, children, human exposure, insecticides, pesticide residues, gender-related variability, environmental toxicant, biological markers, dietary exposure, dust , agricultural community, exposure assessment, organophosphate pesticides

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Synthesis Report of Research from EPA’s Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Grant Program: Feasibility of Estimating Pesticide Exposure and Dose in Children Using Biological Measurements (PDF) (42 pp, 3.87 MB)

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