Waste-Liner Compatibility Studies Using the Comprehensive Testing System for Geomembrane Liners

EPA Grant Number: R822485
Title: Waste-Liner Compatibility Studies Using the Comprehensive Testing System for Geomembrane Liners
Investigators: Stessel, Richard Ian , Garcia-Rubio, Luis Humberto
Institution: University of South Florida
EPA Project Officer: Lasat, Mitch
Project Period: October 1, 1995 through September 1, 1997
Project Amount: $182,621
RFA: Exploratory Research - Engineering (1995) Recipients Lists
Research Category: Engineering and Environmental Chemistry , Land and Waste Management


Concern is rising over emissions of hazardous chemicals to the subsurface from waste management facilities, encompassing treatment, storage, and disposal of waste. The study of barriers used in engineering these facilities against release includes examination of geo-membrane liners (Gms). A test system has been developed that allows a uniquely comprehensive approach to applying comprehensive load, displacement, and fluid head; all simultaneously and individually adjustable. The membrane is tested and exposed in a manner more reflective of field conditions than in other tests reported in the literature. It remains to make use of these capabilities to reveal new information concerning waste-liner compatibilities. This work explores the interactions of high density polyethylene liner material with fuel, solvent, metal-containing, and TCLP-type leachate wastes, correlating modulus data from stress-strain and cyclic testing with differential scanning calorimetry and ultraviolet spectrophotometry. The ability to test a range of waste-liner interactions in a reasonable period of time, and in a manner that has direct relevance to field conditions, may yield findings that have increased significance in design activities.

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Supplemental Keywords:

waste management, treatment, storage, disposal, hazardous chemicals, emissions, geomembrane liners, compatibility studies, test system reflective of field conditions, comprehensive approach, high density polyethylene, liner, interaction of liner with fuel, solvent, differential scanning calorimetry, ultraviolet spectrophotometry, RFA, Scientific Discipline, Waste, Environmental Chemistry, Hazardous Waste, Engineering, Hazardous, hazardous waste management, hazardous waste disposal, hazardous waste treatment, subsurface, waste liner compatability, hazardous waste storage, geomembrane liners, environmental engineering, liners, ultraviolet spectrophotometry, hazardous chemicals, differential scanning calorimetry, waste management, high density polyethylene, mobility of contaminants, disposal

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