Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Comparing the Impacts of Macroeconomic Shocks, Land Tenure, and Technological Change

EPA Grant Number: U914930
Title: Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: Comparing the Impacts of Macroeconomic Shocks, Land Tenure, and Technological Change
Investigators: Cattaneo, Andrea
Institution: The Johns Hopkins University
EPA Project Officer: Packard, Benjamin H
Project Period: January 1, 1996 through June 27, 2000
Project Amount: $102,000
RFA: STAR Graduate Fellowships (1996) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Academic Fellowships , Environmental Justice , Fellowship - Economics


The objective of this research project is to examine the current relevance of the diverse set of variables driving deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon that have been reported in the literature. This research compares the potential impact on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon to: (1) changes in the real exchange rate; (2) modifications in the present set of agricultural tax and support policies; (3) a reduction in transportation costs arising from investment in infrastructure in the Amazon; (4) changes in land tenure regimes; and (5) technological change in agriculture affecting productivity and agronomic sustainability.


The analysis is based on a computable general equilibrium model adapted to capture regional economic structures and the environmental processes specific to tropical areas. The comparison we are proposing is meant to provide guidance to policymakers concerning the order of magnitude of the impact of different scenarios. More specifically, should policymakers interested in slowing deforestation in the Amazon adopt regional (Amazon), interregional, or national policies?

Supplemental Keywords:

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