Nanocomposite-Based Filter for Arsenic Removal in Drinking Water

EPA Contract Number: 68D02095
Title: Nanocomposite-Based Filter for Arsenic Removal in Drinking Water
Investigators: Radhakrishnan, R.
Small Business: Materials Modification Inc.
EPA Contact: Richards, April
Phase: I
Project Period: October 1, 2002 through July 31, 2003
Project Amount: $100,000
RFA: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) - Phase I (2002) RFA Text |  Recipients Lists
Research Category: Nanotechnology , Water and Watersheds , SBIR - Water and Wastewater , SBIR - Nanotechnology , Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)


To comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) directive of 10 ppb levels for arsenic in drinking water, there is an urgent need to develop new, simple, and effective treatment systems that can be qualified as best available technologies (BAT) to remove this toxic substance from water. Towards this goal, Materials Modification, Inc. (MMI) proposes to develop a novel arsenic-removing filter using a naturally available material that will be both cost-effective and efficient. This filter will be fabricated using a naturally adsorbent material that will be prepared in the nanocrystalline form. This system will be developed to meet the stringent requirements of BAT classification, and will aid in conforming to EPA's drinking water standards.

Novel patented processes will be employed for both preparation and consolidation of nanoparticles for the fabrication of the filter element. MMI has the technology and expertise in dealing with nanomaterials, and this experience will be harnessed to carry out the proposed research and development. The product developed at the end of Phase I and subsequent Phase II research efforts can be incorporated either at point-of-use, point-of-entry, or both sites for domestic water purification. The same system also can be adopted for treating industrial supplies and effluents for even recycling. The proposed technology will not only be efficient in performance, but also will be very cost effective for commercial exploitation.

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