2004 Progress Report: HSRC Technology Transfer, Training, and Outreach

EPA Grant Number: R828773C005
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Center: HSRC (2001) - South and Southwest HSRC
Center Director: Reible, Danny D.
Title: HSRC Technology Transfer, Training, and Outreach
Investigators: Schmitter, Bob , Ford, Denise Rousseau
Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology , Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge
EPA Project Officer: Lasat, Mitch
Project Period: October 1, 2001 through September 30, 2006 (Extended to September 30, 2007)
Project Period Covered by this Report: October 1, 2003 through September 30, 2004
Project Amount: Refer to main center abstract for funding details.
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Research Category: Hazardous Waste/Remediation , Land and Waste Management


The South and Southwest (S&SW) Center provides no-cost, non-advocate technical assistance to communities in EPA Regions 4 and 6 addressing issues of environmental contamination. Our Technical Outreach Services to Communities (TOSC) assistance efforts strive to provide a community with the information it needs to ask pertinent questions regarding contamination in their neighborhoods and remediation options, and helps them become informed participants in any decision-making processes. This effort also has the objective to widely disseminate research findings and technical expertise to interested communities with regard to hazardous substance/sediments remediation research.

Progress Summary:

By working closely with local, state, and federal environmental protection agencies, TOSC has been able to assist small, newly organized communities and large, multi-community organizations that have an established presence and are a driving force in local environmental assessment and remediation efforts. TOSC markets its services directly to communities through participation in national and regional environmental conferences, through contact with state and federal environmental agencies, and through word-of-mouth from communities that have benefited from TOSC’s services. Broader dissemination of the Center’s work is achieved via workshops and presentations, traditional publications, electronic newsletters, internet, and web activities.


Outputs/Accomplishments. During 2003–2004, TOSC assisted 21 communities with various needs and issues. A listing of the communities that TOSC has assisted in this funding year is shown below. TOSC continues to maintain a steady level of work assisting communities in nearly every state in the S&SW region. Activity continues with long-term clients such as Corpus Christi, Texas, and Southern Pines, North Carolina. For community groups, such as the Residents for Air Neutralization (RAN) in Shreveport, LA, the TOSC activities range from the simple to the more complex, such as numerous document reviews, public meeting attendance, a workshop, and facilitation both within RAN as well as with state and federal agencies. Shorter duration efforts that are less intensive were done at several community groups and include the Concerned Citizens of Iberville Parish (CCIP) in Iberville Parish, Louisiana, where TOSC has provided grant and demographic information along with active collaboration with Southern University, an historically black university in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The S&SW TOSC Program is in its 10th year of providing technical assistance to communities addressing issues of environmental contamination. Since TOSC’s inception, the Program has assisted communities facing a wide variety of environmental issues, from groundwater contamination to soil contamination, to environmental impacts of base closures and redevelopments, to air quality issues. The TOSC Program remains committed to providing no-cost technical services to communities in EPA regions 4 and 6, and to expanding the capabilities of its staff to address the increasingly complex environmental issues existing throughout the country.

Communities Assisted by Technical Outreach Services to Communities in 2003–2004 Funding Year

Region 4.

Southern Pines, North Carolina
Holly Hill, South Carolina
Wade Walker Park, Atlanta, Georgia
Fort McClellan, Anniston, Alabama
Citizens Against Pollution, Anniston, Alabama
Savannah, Georgia
Tri-Community Collaborative, Atlanta, Georgia
Columbus, Mississippi
American Beryllium Company, Manatee County, Florida
Utelite Corporation Site, Davis County Utah (assisting Rocky Mountain HSRC)
Bovoni Dump, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Region 6.

Calcasieu Estuary Community Task Force, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana
Calcasieu League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN), Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana
ASARCO Inc., El Paso, Texas (assisting Georgia Tech Research Institute [GTRI])
Citizens for Environmental Justice (CFEJ), Corpus Christi, Texas
RAN, Shreveport, Louisiana
Louisiana Environmental Justice Community Organization (statewide organization)
Alsen Environmental Justice Community Organization, Alsen, Louisiana
CCIP, Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Treme Neighborhood, New Orleans, Louisiana
Concerned Citizens & Youth of St. James, Hwy 44 East and West Banks, Convent, Louisiana

In addition to individual community efforts, TOSC participated in several meetings throughout the funding year including the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council meeting in New Orleans, LA on April 13–16, 2004. TOSC is reviewing the draft document out for public comment entitled “Ensuring Risk Reduction in Communities with Multiple Stressors: Environmental Justice and Cumulative Risks/Impacts.”

To help communities and regulatory personnel get a broader understanding of the S&SW Center Outreach Programs, the Center created and published the first web-only annual TOSC/TAB newsletter, “Clean Communities” that can be found at http://www.hsrc-ssw.org/cleancomm/spring04/. In addition, TOSC produced 2 environmental updates for communities:

  • Understanding the Principals of Groundwater, December, 2003
  • Basics of the National Environmental Policy Act, December, 2004

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