Research Training Program for College and University Studies

EPA Grant Number: CR83558601
Title: Research Training Program for College and University Studies
Investigators: Buchberger, Steven
Institution: University of Cincinnati
EPA Project Officer: Jackson, Suzanne
Project Period: May 1, 2014 through April 30, 2017
Project Amount: $1,800,000
RFA: Research Training Program for College and University Students (2013) RFA Text
Research Category: Drinking Water , Ecological Restoration , Ecosystems , Endocrine Disruptors , Engineering and Environmental Chemistry , Environment , Pollution Prevention/Sustainable Development , Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention , Water and Watersheds


Engineers and scientists at the USEPA’s Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center (AWBERC) in Cincinnati, Ohio work with private sector partners and other public agencies to help develop, verify and apply innovative technologies for environmental risk management. AWBERC pursues basic and applied research on drinking water, pollution prevention, remediation, ecological issues and homeland security. In addition, AWBERC provides technology transfer and technical support to risk management decision-making stakeholders.

To assist the USEPA Office of Research and Development in increasing both the number and effectiveness of future environmental scientists, AWBERC solicited proposals from qualified Universities to establish a research training program. The College of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Cincinnati (UC) submitted the winning proposal and was awarded the grant to develop and administer this program.

UC managed the research training program continuously through five grant cycles over an 18-year period from 1999 to 2017. The program involved 205 domestic university students from diverse academic fields at all levels of advanced study – BS, MS and PhD track trainees – from seven institutions including three HBCUs. This report focuses on the fifth and final grant cycle which included 55 student trainees who participated during the period 2014 to 2017.


The main objective of the training program was to provide opportunities for domestic undergraduate and graduate students to conduct supervised research at AWBERC while attending school on a full-time basis. A secondary objective was to increase participation of minority students in the broad field of environmental science and engineering. The ultimate goal of the research training program was to produce environmental scientists, engineers and technicians who have had unique educational experiences in a fully operational federal research laboratory and who then may pursue careers in the environmental field.

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