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Destruction of PCBs, CAHs, CFCs and Organic Nitro/Nitrate Wastes in Soils and Bulk with Ca/NH3 at Ambient Temperature
Grant Number R826180
RFA: Exploratory Research - Environmental Chemistry (1997)
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Journal Article Kinney PL, Northridge M, Gronning E, Joseph E, Frantz S, Prakash S. On the front lines of environmental interventions to reduce asthma. American Journal of Public Health 2002;92:1-3. R826180 (Final) (04/07/10)
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Journal Article Pittman Jr CU, Yang C. Dechlorination of polychlorobiphenyls using NaBH4 and NaBH4/LiCl at 120-310C in glyme solvents. Journal of Hazardous Materials 2001;82(3):299-311. R826180 (Final) (04/09/07)
not available
Symposium Pittman Jr CU. Detocification and destruction of PCBs, CAHs, CFCs and halogenated biocides in soils, sludges and other matrices using Na/NH3. In: Gan JJ, Zhu PC, Aust SD, Lemley AT, eds. Pesticides Decontamination and Detoxification. ACS Symposium Series 863. American Chemical Society Publishers, distributed by Oxford University Press, 2003 Chapter 14, pp. 181-198. R826180 (Final) (11/17/03)
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