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Ensemble Analyses of the Impact and Uncertainties of Global Change on Regional Air Quality in the U.S.
Grant Number R833369
RFA: Consequences of Global Change For Air Quality (2006)
Journal Article (4)
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Journal Article Avise J, Abraham RG, Chung SH, Chen J, Lamb B, Salathe EP, Zhang Y, Nolte CG, Loughlin DH, Guenther A, Wiedinmyer C, Duhl T. Evaluating the effects of climate change on summertime ozone using a relative response factor approach for policymakers. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2012;62(9):1061-1074. R830962 (Final) (11/05/18)
R833369 (Final) (10/01/12)
Journal Article Duliere V, Zhang YX, Salathe EP. Changes in twentieth-century extreme temperature and precipitation over the western United States based on observations and regional climate model simulations. Journal of Climate 2013;26(21):8556-8575. R833369 (Final) (08/14/17)
Journal Article Gonzalez-Abraham R, Chung SH, Avise J, Lamb B, Salathe Jr. EP, Nolte CG, Loughlin D, Guenther A, Wiedinmyer C, Duhl T, Zhang Y, Streets DG. The effects of global change upon United States air quality. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 2015;15(21):12645-12665. R833369 (Final) (08/14/17)
Journal Article Weaver CP, Liang X-Z, Zhu J, Adams PJ, Amar P, Avise J, Caughey M, Chen J, Cohen RC, Cooter E, Dawson JP, Gilliam R, Gilliland A, Goldstein AH, Grambsch A, Grano D, Guenther A, Gustafson WI, Harley RA, He S, Hemming B, Hogrefe C, Huang H-C, Hunt SW, Jacob DJ, Kinney PL, Kunkel K, Lamarque J-F, Lamb B, Larkin NK, Leung LR, Liao K-J, Lin J-T, Lynn BH, Manomaiphiboon K, Mass C, McKenzie D, Mickley LJ, O'neill SM, Nolte C, Pandis SN, Racherla PN, Rosenzweig C, Russell AG, Salathe E, Steiner AL, Tagaris E, Tao Z, Tonse S, Wiedinmyer C, Williams A, Winner DA, Woo J-H, Wu S, Wuebbles DJ. A preliminary synthesis of modeled climate change impacts on U.S. regional ozone concentrations. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 2009;90(12):1843-1863. R830964 (Final) (11/06/18)
R833369 (Final) (11/06/18)
R833374 (Final) (11/05/18)