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Development of Nanocrystalline Zeolite Materials as Environmental Catalysts: From Environmentally Benign Synthesis to Emission Abatement
Grant Number R829600
RFA: Exploratory Research: Nanotechnology (2001)
Book Chapter (1)
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Book Chapter Larsen.S.C., Grassian VH, Larsen.S.C. Applications of zeolites in environmental catalysis. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL. 2005;11:269-286 R829600 (Final) (01/14/10)
not available
Patent/Patent Application Larsen S, Grassian V, Song W, Li G. Synthesis and use of nanocrystalline zeolites. U.S Patent No. 7,858,062, December 28, 2010. R825304 (Final) (08/10/10)
R829600 (Final) (08/10/10)
R831717 (2007) (08/10/10)
R833891 (2010) (08/10/10)