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The Influence of Amphiphilic Molecules on the Environmental Fate and Transport of Pharmaceuticals
Grant Number R829005
RFA: Drinking Water (2000)
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Abstract Ajai CH, Sabatini DA, Kibbey TCG. Adsorption of pharmaceutical compounds to soils in the presence of amphiphilic molecules. In: Preprints of Extended Abstracts, 225th American Chemical Society National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 2003, Vol. 43, No. 2, pp. 1239-1244. R829005 (Final) (08/09/11)
not available
Journal Article Kibbey TCG, Paruchuri R, Sabatini DA, Chen L. Adsorption of beta blockers to environmental surfaces. Environmental Science & Technology 2007;41(15):5349-5356. R829005 (Final) (12/01/09)
Journal Article Lorphensri O, Sabatini DA, Kibbey TCG, Osathaphan K, Saiwan C. Sorption and transport of acetaminophen, 17α-ethynyl estradiol, nalidixic acid with low organic content aquifer sand. Water Research 2007;41(10):2180-2188. R829005 (Final) (08/09/11)
R829008 (Final) (08/13/09)