Journal Article: Anomalous Results from National Dioxin Air Monitoring Network

The U.S. EPA established the National Dioxin Monitoring Network (NDAMN) to meet an identified need for a national network to monitor ambient air concentrations of dioxin-like compounds. NDAMN consists of numerous sites situated in rural, non-impacted locations across the United States. Sampling has been conducted for the years 1998, 1999, and 2000. This paper discusses results for specific NDAMN sites which indicate that some sites may be impacted by local sources and not represent true background locations, and/or may have been impacted by a one-time source.

Riggs, K.; Cleverly, D.; Hartford, P.; Joseph, D. 2003. Anamolous Results from National Dioxin Air Monitoring Network. Organohalogen Compounds 63 (no page numbers).

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