The U.S. EPA Promulgates New Standards for Fine Particles

This presentation will describe the following items: the process used by EPA to review the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particular Matter, indicator and levels for the new fine particle standards, important epidemiologic data establishing the need for new particulate matter standards, the size distribution of suspended particulate matter, epidemiologic data demonstrating the need for a fine particle standard, reasons for choosing 10 and 2.5 um diameters as the upper 50% cut points, research needed to support future Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter, and problems in measurement of PM2.5 caused by the semi-volatile components of fine particles


Wilson, W. The U.S. EPA Promulgates New Standards for Fine Particles. Presented at Annual Meeting of the Chinese Assoc. for Aerosol Research, Taiwan, Taipai, October 30-31, 1999.