Fortran Processing of Fluorometric Data Logged By a Turner Designs Field Fluorometer

Continuous flow logging of tracer results is recognized as being extremely valuable for data collection when developing a site specific source-water protection strategy. However, the form of the logged data is in a form that is not amenable to easy manipulation and plotting. This project is to develop an easy to use computer program that will quickly convert the logged data into a more useful format and plot the data automatically so that trends in the data may be determined.

Project Status

The computer program, Flowthru, is mostly completed and a conference paper has been prepared for presentation. The user's manual is to be started immediately.

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Continuous recording of dye fluorescence using field fluorometers at selected sampling sites facilitate acquisition of real-time dye-tracing data. The Turner Designs Model 10-AU-005 Field Fluorometer allows for frequent fluorescence readings, data logging, and easy downloading to a laptop computer. By necessity, the data are periodically broken up into blocks to facilitate downloading and minimize data loss. Unfortunately, the downloaded data does not appear in a readily usable form for discerning trends or for use in modeling packages. A new computer program, Flowthru being developed, bypasses block headers, reads the downloaded data, identifies the time-concentration units used, and relates the data to injection time. All preinjection time-concentration data are accorded background data status and are written to a background file with average temperature values included. All time values recorded after injection time are rewritten into decimal time using time units chosen by the user. Flowthru also allows users to view the data converted to decimal time directly on the computer monitor without program interruption or to go directly to the data plotting routine. Data plotting is extremely rapid and clear with a smooth line connecting each data point. Each data plot may be saved as a file in a common format.

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