EPA's Report on the Environment (2003 Draft)

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The RoE presents information on environmental indicators in the areas of air, water, land, human health, and ecological condition. The report is available for download and the RoE information is searchable via an on-line database site: www.epa.gov/roe.

In June 2003, EPA published its first national Draft Report on the Environment using available indicators and data to answer questions pertaining to national environmental and human health conditions. Two companion documents one for readers with a general interest in the environment (Draft Report on the Environment Public Report) and another for more technical readers (Draft Report on the Environment Technical Document) were released. These draft documents utilize indicators to describe current environmental conditions, trends, and data gaps.


The objective of EPA's Report on the Environment is to provide indicators and supporting information to answer EPA's questions pertaining to the Environment and Human Health in the United States. The report discusses the limitations of the indicators and data with respect to their ability to answer the questions. The report provides information at national and, where possible, Regional scales.


The current plan is to release an update of this report every 3-4 years thereafter.


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. EPA's Report on the Environment (2003 Draft). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, 2008.


Date Description
01-Jun 2003EPA published its first national Draft Report on the Environment (ROE 2003).