Summary Report of the Meeting on Development of a Metals Assessment Framework

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Under the auspices of the Agency's Science Policy Council, the Agency is embarking on the development of an assessment framework for metals. The first step in the process is formulation of an Action Plan that will identify key scientific issues specific to metals and metal compounds that need to be addressed by the framework, potential approaches to consider for inclusion in the framework including models and methods, an outline of the framework, and the necessary steps to complete the framework.

On February 20, 2002 EPA held a public meeting to provide interested parties an opportunity to provide the Agency with information relevant to development of the framework. An EPA contractor, Eastern Research Group, Inc., (ERG) organized and convened the meeting in Washington D.C. In particular, EPA was interested in the public's perspectives on: (1) organizing principles the framework should follow; (2) scientific issues should the framework address; (3) methods and models that should be considered for inclusion in the framework; and (4) specific steps that should be taken to further involve the public and the scientific community in the development of the framework.

This meeting was held for EPA to collect comments from the public. Therefore, although EPA staff were present to accept the comments, EPA did not evaluate or respond to comments at the meeting. In addition, although EPA will review the comments submitted as it proceeds, it will not formally respond to each individual comment. EPA is not reconsidering any past Agency actions, and therefore EPA is not soliciting comments on past Agency actions. Because EPA is not soliciting comments on past Agency actions, comments regarding past Agency actions will not be considered.

EPA plans to provide a Draft Action Plan to the Science Advisory Board in a consultation. Following the consultation, EPA will proceed with development of the framework which will be subsequently reviewed by the Science Advisory Board.


U.S. EPA. Summary Report of the Meeting on Development of a Metals Assessment Framework. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, NCEA-F-1292, 2002.

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