Evaluating Urban Resilience to Climate Change: A Multi-Sector Approach (External Review Draft)

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Climate change impacts are diverse, long-term, and not easily predictable. Adapting to climate change requires making context specific and forward-looking decisions regarding a variety of climate change impacts and vulnerabilities when the future is highly uncertain. EPA scientists and their collaborators created an assessment tool to help cities identify climate change risks in eight different municipal sectors. The report identifies and tests indicators of traits that may enhance or inhibit communities' resilience to climate change, allowing decision-makers to focus planning efforts on those areas that are least resilient to anticipated impacts. The results yielded an approach that provides a way for cities to explore threats to and measures of resilience. It also demonstrates the utility of this systematic and flexible method in providing useful information for future adaptation planning for different types of cities.


Concluding this review, there will be a final report published on the EPA web site.


U.S. EPA. Evaluating Urban Resilience to Climate Change: A Multi-Sector Approach (External Review Draft). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., EPA/600/R-15/312, 2016.


Sep 2013First Workshop to Assess Urban Resilience - hosted by Washington DC's District Department of Environment (DDOE).
Nov 2013Second Workshop to Assess Urban Resilience - hosted by DDOE.
May 2014EPA sent the draft report for an internal review.
Jun 2016EPA released an external review draft for a 30-day public comment period.
Jul 2016EPA released a correction in the Federal Register on the docket ID number for public comments.

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Comments on the assessment may be submitted and reviewed using the Docket ID EPA-HQ-ORD-2016-0374.HTM