Highlights of the Exposure Factors Handbook (Final Report)

EPA announced the availability of the final report, Highlights of the Exposure Factors Handbook (EPA/600/R-10/030).This Highlights document presents an overview of the information provided in the Exposure Factors Handbook (U.S. EPA, 2011). Excerpts of each chapter of the Handbook and summaries of key recommendations for each of the exposure factors are provided (see downloads).

Information in the Exposure Factors Handbook and in this Highlights document has been summarized from studies documented in the scientific literature and other publicly available sources. Studies were chosen that were seen as useful and appropriate for estimating exposure factors for both adults and children. The Handbook contains summaries of selected studies published through July 2011. Certain studies described in the Handbook are designated as "key," that is, the most up-to-date and scientifically sound for deriving recommendations for exposure factors. The recommended values for most exposure factors are based on the results of the key studies. Other studies designated as “relevant,” meaning applicable or pertinent, but not necessarily the most important, are also summarized in the Handbook.


U.S. EPA. Highlights of the Exposure Factors Handbook (Final Report). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-10/030, 2011.


Sep 2011EPA released the final report, Exposure Factors Handbook: 2011 Edition" on the EPA Web site. [Federal Register Notice Oct 3, 2011]
Oct 2011EPA released the Highlights of the Exposure Factors Handbook on the EPA Web site. The final report was announced in the federal register. [Federal Register Notice Nov 3, 2011]

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