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A Request for Applications for Cooperative Agreements to Provide Assistance to State/Tribal/Other Local Environmental Protection Agencies to Conduct Location-Specific Assessments of the Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Aquatic Ecosystems and Water Quality July 2001

The E.P.A.'s Global Change Research Program within the Office of Research and Development is issuing a Request for Applications (RFA) for cooperative agreements to provide assistance to state/tribal/other local environmental protection agencies to conduct location-specific assessments of the impacts of global change on aquatic ecosystems and water quality. (For the purposes of this solicitation, local describes any entity that operates at a smaller spatial scale than the regional or national scale. Examples include states, tribes, U.S. territories, counties, municipalities, and watersheds.) In addition, universities and non-profit organizations may apply for assistance under this program if they will use EPA funds to provide support to state/tribal/other local government environmental protection agencies.

Specifically, funding recipients will assess the potential effects of climate change and variability on water quality (with respect to drinking water, wastewater treatment, surface water, and/or ground water) and/or the effects on aquatic ecosystems (streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands, estuaries, and/or coral reefs). The purpose of these cooperative agreements is to build local capacity by providing physical resources (through cooperative agreement funding) and technical assistance necessary to conduct pilot assessment projects. These pilot projects will help groups that receive funds to develop the capacity to conduct additional assessments on their own, and will generate model methodologies and approaches that can be applied by other local authorities. Applicants are encouraged to develop cooperative relationships with other organizations, educational institutions, citizens groups, water quality authorities (e.g., water suppliers, treatment plants) and/or other non-federal governmental entities to achieve these purposes. Any transactions with such groups involving transfer of EPA funds must comply with applicable regulations. Awards are estimated to range from $25,000 to $100,000 total over a one- to three- year period. Depending on funding availability, up to approximately $300,000 will be available to fund approximately three to six awards.

Applications are due no later than October 18, 2001.

For further information, please contact: David Kelley, National Center for Environmental Assessment, by email (, phone (202-564-3263), or fax (202-564-2268).

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