Climate Change and Interacting Stressors: Implications for Coral Reef Management in American Samoa

The purpose of this report is to provide decision makers in American Samoa with information on: 1) the sensitivities and responses of coral reef systems to particular combinations of stressors; 2) potential adaptation options for enhancing resilience to climate change; and 3) approaches for integrating adaptive management into existing decision processes.

Project Completion Date (Actual/Projected)



Coral reef ecosystems are sensitive to changes in climate, climate variability, land use, and UV radiation. This report was designed to take advantage of diverse research and monitoring efforts that are ongoing in American Samoa to: analyze and compile the results of multiple research projects that focus on understanding climate-related stressors and their effects on coral reef ecosystem degradation and recovery; and assess implications for coral reef managment of the combined information, including possible response options. The resulting conceptual model will be useful to coral reef managers outside of American Samoa, as well.