Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for Lead (First External Review Draft, May 2011)

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EPA announced that the First External Review Draft of the Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for Lead (Pb) was made available for independent peer review and public review. This draft ISA represents a concise synthesis and evaluation of the most policy-relevant science and will ultimately provide the scientific bases for EPA’s decision regarding whether the current standards for Pb sufficiently protect public health and the environment.

EPA released this draft document to seek review by the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) and the public (meeting date and location to be specified in a separate Federal Register notice). The draft document does not represent, and should not be construed to represent, any final EPA policy, viewpoint, or determination. EPA will consider any timely public comments submitted when revising the document. Lead (Pb) is one of six principal (or criteria) pollutants for which EPA has established NAAQS. Periodically, EPA reviews the scientific basis for these standards by preparing an Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) (formerly called an Air Quality Criteria Document). The ISA, in conjunction with additional technical and policy assessments, provide the scientific basis for EPA decisions on the adequacy of the current NAAQS and the appropriateness of possible alternative standards. The Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), an independent science advisory committee whose existence and whose review and advisory functions are mandated by Section 109 (d) (2) of the Clean Air Act, is charged with (among other things) independent scientific review of EPA's air quality criteria.


The first external review draft ISA for Pb will be discussed at a public meeting for review by CASAC, and public comments received will be provided to the CASAC review panel. A future Federal Register notice will inform the public of the exact date and time of that CASAC meeting. In revising and finalizing the ISA, EPA will take into account CASAC advice and recommendations as well as public comments. The final ISA is scheduled for release in July 2012.


U.S. EPA. Integrated Science Assessment (ISA) for Lead (First External Review Draft, May 2011). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-10/075A, 2011.


Dec 1977EPA releases the Air Quality Criteria for Lead (Final) (EPA-600/8-77/017)
Jun 1986EPA releases the Air Quality Criteria for Lead (Final) (EPA-600/8-83/028A-dF)
Aug 1990EPA releases the Air Quality Criteria for Lead: Supplement to the 1986 Addendum (EPA 600 9-89/049F)
2004EPA begins the mandated periodic revision to the Lead Criteria Document
Jan 2005CASAC and the public review and comment on the Project Work Plan for the Lead Criteria Document
Dec 2005EPA releases the first external review draft of the Lead Criteria document [Federal Register Dec 2, 2005]
May 2006EPA releases the second external review draft of the Lead Criteria document. [Federal Register Sep 29, 2006]
Oct 2006EPA releases the Final Lead Criteria Document (EPA/600/R-5/144A-bF). [Federal Register Sep 29, 2006]
Feb 2010EPA formally initiated its current review of the air quality criteria for Pb, requesting the submission of recent scientific information on specific topics [Federal Register February 26 2010].
May 2010EPA held a workshop to discuss policy-relevant science to inform EPA’s planning for the Pb NAAQS Review [Federal Register April 21, 2010].
Dec 2010EPA held a workshop to evaluate initial draft materials for the Pb ISA. [Federal Register November 10, 2010]
Mar 2011EPA releases the draft Plan for Review of the National Air Quality Standards for Lead. [Federal Register April 12, 2011]
May 2011CASAC and public teleconference to provide consultative advice on EPA’s draft Integrated Review Plan for the NAAQS for Pb (draft IRP).
May 2011EPA releases the Integrated Science Assessment for Lead (First External Review Draft) (EPA /600/R-10/075A). [Federal Register May 6, 2011]
Jun 2011EPA's Science Advisory Board's CASAC announces a meeting of the Lead Review Panel for the review of the EPA's Integrated Science Assessment for Lead (May 2011 Draft). [Federal Register Jun 21, 2011]
Jul 2011EPA has announced an extension on the comment period, the new deadline for submitting comments is July 19, 2011. [Federal Register Notice Jul 1, 2011]

Additional Information

Included for public review is the draft Integrated Science Assessment for Lead (First External Review Draft). Comments on this document may be submitted and reviewed using the e-Government Web site. From the site, select Environmental Protection Agency and the keyword EPA-HQ-ORD-2011-0051 (for the docket ID) to comment on this report.