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Below is a list of NCEA publications that contains information specific to Virginia and/or Region 3. To view a complete abstract and other detailed information, simply select the title which will allow you to drill-down to the metadata. Your search has returned 13 matching records

U.S. EPA. A Field-Based Aquatic Life Benchmark for Conductivity in Central Appalachian Streams (Final Report). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-10/023F, 2011.

U.S. EPA. A Method to Assess Climate-Relevant Decisions: Application in the Chesapeake Bay (2010 External Review Draft). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-10/096A, 2010.

U.S. EPA. Conference on MTBE and Other Oxygenates. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, National Center for Environmental Assessment, Washington Office, Washington, DC, 1995.

Bostwick, D., H. Burke, S. Y. Euling, B. R. Sonawane, D. Djakiew, S. Ho, J. Landolph, H. Morrison, T. Shifflett, D. Waters, AND B. Timms. Human Prostate Cancer Risk Factors. , Cancer. John Wiley & Sons Incorporated, New York, NY, 101:2371-2490, (2004).

Diamond, J. M. AND V. B. Serveiss. Identifying Sources of Stress to Native Aquatic Species Using a Watershed Ecological Risk Assessment Framework. , ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 35(24):4711-4718, (2001).

U.S. EPA. Integrating Ecological Risk Assessment and Economic Analysis in Watersheds: A Conceptual Approach and Three Case Studies. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-03/140R.

U.S. EPA. Inferring Causes of Biological Impairment in the Clear Fork Watershed, West Virginia (Final). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-08/146, 2010.

Oberdorster, G. AND W. Pepelko. Research Needs for Risk Assessment of Inhaled Particulate Matter: Report of a Workshop. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., EPA/600/R-93/104 (NTIS PB94123866).

U.S. EPA. Summary of the U.S. EPA Colloquia on a Framework for Human Health Risk Assessment (Volume 1, 1997). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Risk Assessment Forum, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-99/001, 1997.

U.S. EPA. The Effects of Mountaintop Mines and Valley Fills on Aquatic Ecosystems of the Central Appalachian Coalfields (2011 Final). U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, EPA/600/R-09/138F, 2011.

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